Saturday, January 19, 2008

All day Chorus practice & Whacky Basket How-To

Spent all day at a learn-the-new-spring-music event with the Grand Rapids Women's Chorus. It's a good way to get a running start on the numbers we are adding for our Spring Concert. We met at the Franciscan Center for the first time, and it was very nice--clean, spacious, good kitchen, great views, lots of pianos, and no one else was using the place. I was able to walk around the halls three times for 22 minutes after lunch. But I was REALLY ready to go home at 3:45. Unfortunately we didn't end until 4:30! Maybe it's because I haven't yet found that I LOVE the music. More work may well improve my attitude. No more work today, however.

Here's how the Whacky Baskets, shown Thursday, were made.

Take two squares of fabric, about 8", both Right sides up, and cut roughly through the middle.

Then cut the bottom half into three pieces. This will be the shape of the basket part of the basket. So think about that before you cut.

Now switch the pieces so that you will have two sets. Each set will have the opposite coloration from the other. This explains how our Bee made two quilts at once! Or, I should say, we made two sets of blocks at once.

I assume you know how to make a bias tube for the handle. Use a different or a matching color for your handle. We HAND sewed these onto the top piece of fabric for each block. We were forcing the Non-applique-ers in the Bee (I'm one) to do a little bit of applique. The handles could have been sewn down by machine, but not in our case.

Check that your handles will actually attach to the bottom of the basket when you are placing them!

Then sew the two halves of the basket block together. At some point square up the blocks. We're letting ours stay a little various in size.

SpoolSpinners are putting all the blocks with colored baskets in one quilt, and all the blocks with colered Backgrounds in the other quilt.
Here's a layout of some of the blocks that are not yet put together. I am planning a Twist-n-Turn setting with black sashing.
I need to work on this tomorrow afternoon and Monday so I have something to take to the Guild meeting on Tuesday. This is a design by Gwen Marston and she is the guest speaker. We want to show her what we are planning.
Steps today: 4620
Sparkling snow floating in the air
Sour slaw to put on my sandwich from the deli
Finished extra Stars for Caroline Crossroads


Jeanne said...

Thanks for the how to in making those cute baskets! I'm sure Gwen will be very pleased with your efforts. Enjoy the meeting.

jenclair said...

I love Gwen and Freddie! These baskets are so cheerful and fun!

Mary said...

I love Gwen's baskets and they're definitely on my to do list. These make me want to move them WAY up.

Maddie Can Fly said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial. I came to your blog through Tanya's Winter Class page. I'll be back though -- great looking quilts you have.

Helen in the UK said...

These little baskets are gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing how you made them :)

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

woohoo fun fun fun blocks. they all look so great together.

Nann said...

These are wonderful!