Saturday, January 5, 2008

Home again, home again, jiggety-jog.

I need to do laundry after our trip, and sort though the pile of mail I picked up from the Post Office, and go grocery shopping, and buy a new color ink cartridge for the computer printer. But what I want to be doing is working on the two steps of the Carolina Crossroads Mystery that I missed while I was gone!
Well, I'd better work on the OTHER jobs, then I can print out the directions in color.

Probably can't get to the sewing until Sunday afternoon. The Bishop is visiting our parish this Sunday, so there are extra preparations to be made.

DS Peter and DIL Lynne invited us over for a late Christmas dinner tonight. We took the family Christmas game "Follow the Star" with us. My Dad copied this from a paper game in about 1972, and the fabric board with wooden and miscellaneous character pieces has been played since then for the 12 days of Christmas. Tonight we were a French man (Lynne's Dad), a Russian, a camel, a hippo, and an elephant. The task is to follow the path with various problems and delays (e.g. lose sight of the star, animals are thirsty, or thrown into jail by Herod) until you get to the stable. Tonight the hippo (Lynne) got there first, but we always wait for everyone to get there before the game is declared finished. The game was left in St. Louis for ther grands to play while we were in Costa Rica. Two of the grands are in the photo, plus a queen, a shepherd, a glass angel, a lone Parcheesi player, and a turtle on the board.
Epiphany tomorrow with a Magi parade at the offertory, pinata, crown cake, and THE game (White Elephants) at the coffee hour. Hope the Bishop enjoys himself.
Steps: uncounted
Wet, not icey pavements
Tasty prime rib with horseradish
Laughter with family

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