Wednesday, January 9, 2008

UFOs of the moment

I have started working on a new Secret Sister quilting project. So I can't tell you about it. Or show photos.
So, to make a report for today here are a couple of the UFOs (Unfinished Objects) I found in my sewing room.

Here's a top from 1997, that's TEN years ago. It was a mystery from ???Judy? Hopkins, that my previous Bee said we would test out. Actually it's even quilted, but without borders. So I need to put on borders AND quilt them. One is on so far. I intend to give this to my oldest granddaughter. When? you ask. Don't know.

Next, I once belonged to The Cotton Club, which sent out packets of 5" samples every month. Eventually I quit because I had a big stack of those samples, and no idea what to do with them. This was one idea from about 2-3 years ago: Cut the really dark ones into 4 squares for cornerstones, cut some in half for sashing on two sides, and then put saome in the middle, just as they are. This got a little big to handle, so I started another piece thinking I would sew them together after a while. But they don't match. The sashings aren't on the same sides.

And this one is the result of a fabric exchange at our Bee Retreat last fall. Everyone brought fat eights of FALL fabric for each of the others. I bought extra of my tan and brown fabric so that I could set all the others in this interlocking mable leave design. Cut some and sewewd some. Have fabrics left.Currently uninspired about this one.

Last for now, this is another Retreat project with a different group in 2005. Everyone brought 9-patches, black and white and bright in the middle, which we cut up and signed. Then we each got one of each other's quarters. After a while I sewed them all together because I was tired of all the little blocks. But this is a very odd size. And it has the signatures of a group of ladies I will probably never see again. My current plan is to put incorporate this into the backing of my next donation quilt.

Exercize today was walking on my street in the sunshine [!] with my trekking poles. The dogs across the way don't think I belong here and set up a ruckus every time I get out on my own driveway. So it is a noisy business to go for a walk. But I put in 18 minutes, which translated into about 1500 steps.

I am thinking about the idea of a Word for the Year, instead of a New Year's Resolution. Certainly haven't "resoved" anything for many years. Do most of that kind of thinking for Lent. The Word that comes to me for now is TRUST. Which is fairly close to "Let Go". If I can be more trusting, then I will be able to let go of the muchness in some parts of my life.

Trust. [Better than "faith" which always sounds to me like the right set of beliefs.]


Steps: 2880


Sharing/listening to my Reunion group

Solomon's little smile when I praise his reading

Working on quilting project

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