Saturday, January 12, 2008

Step 6, part2 Carolina Crossroads

Sixteen "half" Star blocks is the second part of Step 6.

If it was a whole Star, this would be the center square. Bonnie's directions included making all the diagonal edges be the straight of the grain. This leads me to think that these are the outside edges of the quilt (before borders). The regular blocks will be set on-point, and these will be the setting triangles. I hope that by making these center triangles all RED they will form a marker for the outer edge of the quilt top. Not really a border itself, but a visual dotted, red line of a sort. Hmm, it's just a guess--and I love red anyway.
So these are done. All that's left of Step 6 is the four one-quarter Star blocks. (These will be the corners of the quilt, I imagine.)
Otherwise, today I cleaned out a few file folders full of old financial statements. Some had to go through the shredder, and made PILES of shreds. Dumping the machine's container into grocery bags spilled some on the floor, and I picked them up tediously. This was in aid of filing MORE financial statements in the drawer, which had been full. Sometimes it's all I can do to get the statements into the right room if not file. But each time a new statement goes in, and old one should be purged, and isn't. Trouble is, there are stacks of papers that haven't even been moved into the right room! Stop that negative thinking. . . .I'm making progress. At the moment I am motivated. So ACT while motivated. [One of my gardening books said, "The best time to prune your shrubs is when the pruner is in your hand and you are standing next to the bush." That's more important than what season it is!]
Day off from Healthy Habits exercise.
Quiet day
Charlie made dinner
Mahler's Fifth at the symphony concert, never heard it before

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