Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cutting Area reclaimed

Saturday work completed. That is, this is the work that got completed! The cutting mat is mostly cleared. Behind it the box on the left is the scraps that are to be cut next. The box on the right contains the scraps ro be cut up later! The pile up between those boxes are my squares and very wide strips for making backings for quilts. They don't get touched until I need a backing. Come to think of it, I'm going to need backing strips for the Carolina Crossroads. Hmm. Better get those ready before I go on retreat next weekend.

After church today I am leaving for Baltimore and a conference center at The Maritime Institute. I will be reading ordination exams there with Jim Young from Northfield, Minnesota, supervised by the Liturgics professor from The Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Mass. Since I have done this five or six times, I know how the procedure works; one thing is that Jim will bring his laptop computer and we will write our evaluations on it. Another is that the daily liturgies will be good stopping points from the heavy mental work, and a joy to have someone else prepare! I am taking my camera, but my dream of visiting Charm City Cakes will not come to be. They do not allow visitors "for liability reasons".

I will be back in Grand Rapids late Thursday night, wash clothes, sleep and pack again for the quilting retreat. Probably I won't have time to post until I get back again on Sunday late.



Stretching exercises

Pool at the hotel

Seeing old acquaintances

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