Monday, January 21, 2008

More on the Layout

Call this A. Adjacent.

Call this Sashing B. ------------------------------------Call this Sashing C.

There you have it! Three choices of the layout for Carolina Crossroads.
Which do you like, and WHY?

These photos are straight on, but the quilt is going to be set with the blocks on point. And I made six of the stars have yellow centers, and they will go in the middle two rows of the quilt. The outside Stars have dark centers.

Charlie and I had appointments to give blood this afternoon--and were both turned away because of our trip to Costa Rica! We might have been bitten by a malaria mosquito. And we can't give blood for a YEAR!

10:30 pm
I put 20 of the Ring blocks together today. I need 30 for the quilt as I enlarged the design. I had about 8 for the photos. Now I have had to take them off the bed so that DH can go to bed. Oh, dear.

You will not be surprized to hear that the votes coming in on which version you like are divided! Not clear what is the "winner", but black is the loser. What, you say, there is not artistic agreement among quilters! A shocking development.


Quilters are polite when asked their opinion
Charlie cooked dinner
Got all my GOE exams printed off today


Tracy said...


I am not sure I can explain why, I guess it looks more interesting to me.

scraphappy said...

I vote for A -- adjacent. I've been having the same issue with my quilt and finally decided that I liked not knowing where one block starts and another ends. It make is more mysterious if you can't look at it and know right away exactly what blocks are in it. I think it looks more complicated and therefore more difficult. The sashing make it look too straightforward.

Jeanne said...

I like A, too. It keeps the mystery in the quilt as to how it went together. It's looking wonderful, Sara, whichever setting you choose.

Anonymous said...

Go for 'A', Sara. I like that the blocks blend. If the area where the 9 patches come together is too much, maybe think about replacing the outside block (this would be the corner of every block) with the same color. So when the blocks meet the "corner" is a bigger looking piece. If you think it's woo scrappy, that might calm things down. Let me know...

Lynda D

swooze said...

I like A adjacent. I think it is very interesting to look at.