Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Healthy Habits report

1.) Trying to stop naming this to myself as "exercize and diet" and set a groove in my mind of "Healthy Habits". Small thing, but a better attitude for me!
2.) My minute meter for the week is 60 minutes short of my goal. I want to blame the school system for delaying the start of school on Friday, and thus the pool was closed at 8:40 AM. No class. missed 50 minutes of swimercise. I know that I still had a choice at that point and could have walked, but I didn't. Nevertheless, 181 minutes of intentional motion in the week. Good job for me.
3.) Food habits are improving. No stops at fast food eateries. Several days of apples for afternoon snack. Cut out bacon with my twice-a-week eggs. Still craved sugar and caved a couple of times.

Result: New habits forming little by little. (Weight down 1.5 lbs.)

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