Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Carolina Crossroads, Step 5

Here are the blocks I have been constructing last night and today. It is Step 5 of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt. These use our "accent" fabric and the light background. I have had to be creative in finding some more of the golden or "cheddar" yellow fabric. I had no idea when we started that I would need so much Accent. So everything in my blocks is NOT going to be dark plaids and light shirting fabrics. Some of the Accents actually have flowers in them, but small ones.

Someone in this mystery commented that this step took longer to make than earlier ones. That's the way it felt to me too, even tho' I did not use Bonnie's method, which involved cutting each triangle, or each pair of triangles separately. I used the Two Squares method: Make two Half Square Triengles and then crisscross them and sew again = Two Hourglass units. Nevertheless, seemed to take a while.


Steps: 3249 + one hour Stretch and Strength class


Sweetheart of a husband

Leftover prime rib for dinner

Sara Rachel called us, on her birthday (10)

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