Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Decided on Layout

Okay, I went back to Bonnie's original design.

The votes were coming in more in favor of this one, and I decided that by making the six Stars have yellow centers they were more visible.

And really, I couldn't face spending the time it would take to put sashing in! Boy, pure laziness makes the decision once again!

Furthermore, it's not really all together. This is a sham. It's really still in four pieces. Someone on the Mystery chat list suggested that it is a lot easier, in fact POSSIBLE to quilt a large quilt on a Domestic Sewing Machine (DSM) if you leave the top in pieces that are more manageable. So I'm going to try it.
I think this design is so busy that it will hide the many flaws I am bound to produce. But it will be good practice. I'm frequently saying that I am going to work harder on learning to quilt on my machine. Here's a chance to really do it.

Before the Guild meeting I met with two gals who also joined the Carolina Crossroads Mystery. We showed each other our tops, Pat Major on the left, and Pat Hogan on the right.


Got the top together!
Gwen Marston's liberated quilts
Really wintery


Kathie said...

Sara, the top looks wonderful!
I love how those couple of stars just pop with the yellow centers...
will be interesting to hear what you think about machine quilting it in sections.

Carol E. said...

Wow. I was going to vote (even though I'm too late) for setting B, but I think I do like A better now that you have it all together. I like how the blocks "float" in setting B, though.

jmbmommy said...

This is just wonderful...I am going to have to go back and catch up on the earlier work...thanks!

Kathy Wagner said...

How fun to be able to see other mystery quilts in person!