Friday, January 25, 2008

Cutting Disaster Area

After the workshop with Gwen Marston I left my sewing machine and its table in my Subaru Forester rather than bringing them into the house. In three and a half days I am going out of town. When I return I am jumping directly into the car the next morning and going on a quilt retreat. To go to that I will need to load my sewing machine and its table into the car, along with a lot of other gear. So I thought I would just leave those two heavy items already "packed".

This has left a sudden VOID in my sewingroom, and the opportunity to clean up some of the piles of fabric, as well as vacuum the floor.
The object of today's incomplete work was my "Cutting Station". You can see the outer edge of the green cutting mat with a pile of scraps "to be cut" piled on top. I worked on sorting these a bit today, and the pile is a little shorter. Nothing got cut up yet, just removing things that really should be somewhere else.
Went to a play "Going to St. Ives" tonight at Actors' Theater and had dinner first with friends at the culinary training center of the Community College. Their restaurant "The Heritage" is quite good, but the service is a little slow while they learn how to do everything.
Exercise today: 50 minutes in the pool + grocery shopping
New duvet cover came
Afternoon nap
Good discussion of the play afterwards

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