Friday, November 19, 2010

Birch Lodge #2

Back from my LA quilter, Catherine Martin.  She put a sparsely leaved vine on the vertical sashing strips, and something like curling waves going across the panels.  Now when you look at the whole quilt, you might not recognize immediately that there are sashings and panels!

I put this together in early October at Gwen Marston's retreat.  I followed her example of making the sashing strips of the same fabrics that were in the blocks.  This makes the blocks not so obvious and creates some new shapes.  There are six columns of blocks and spacers and only three vertical sashing strips.

Trimmed it and put on the binding today.  Yoh, Finn!  This makes my 3rd UFO finish before the New Year.  Mark it on your list!

The blocks were the remnants of Birch Lodge #1, made two years ago on my first Beaver Island Quilt Retreat:

That one is not yet quilted because I don't think it is finished developing.  I think the Log Cabin is too low.  It loses its connection with the scene.



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Finn said...

Wonderful Sara! The quilt and finish #3!! I'll mark that off for you...way to go! I really like you Birch Island pieces. And yup, the cabin does seem kind of lost in the first one. Good eye for recognizing that. I like the idea of the sashing being from the same fabrics as the blocks. Will have to toss that one around in my head a bit. Have a great weekend, Hugs, Finn

Scrappy quilter said...

Wonderful looking quilt. Great job. I love the colors in it.