Sunday, November 7, 2010

Martha's Baby Quilt Re-Bound

Binding is now what I consider a "normal" width.  And since there was no label on this old, old quilt,

I got out a fine-line marker and wrote on the back edge "Made for Martha Homeyer 1973 by her Mom. ReBound in 2010."

I added four hearts in a blank white block to match those I had added sometime between then and now.  So now there are equal hearts on each half of the quilt.
Tho' there are some very worn spots where some of the seams meet in the middle, I am not going to do anything about them.  This has been a very well/much used quilt in 37 years, and it has been chewed on by dogs.  I think it can just go on to being "used up" in the future.



Sunny, sunny day
Remembered to turn clock BACK last night
My dear Charlie collects the trash every Sunday night and takes it out to the street


Magpie Sue said...

I have a couple of older quilts that need some TLC too. You've done a good job with your daughter's.

Our trash has to be on the curb early Monday mornings and my Dear Husband is very good about making sure it gets there - I'm grateful too!

Carol, Song of Joy said...

I think that quilt is beautiful in every way, Sara. I bet Martha does, too. Hope she's doing well.


Nanato4 said...

I fear that my DD's first quilt is too worn to be repaired ... it's a log cabin and so many of the strips are wering out. But to me that means that it was much loved/much used ... and that's why I make quilts. I want my users to use them and remember me and how much love I put into those quilts. ;-)

Love your blog!