Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll, Step 1

"Roll, Roll Cotton Boll" is Bonnie Hunter's current Mystery.  This week we are working on Step 1, in which she uses Pink and Green.  I have decided to substitute medium blue for the pink.  Mostly I picked pretty bright, limey greens.

I put my 2" strips of green and blue in these little bins, then I pulled out one by one and made the three strip strata.  Now they are all crosscut into 2" sets.  We are required to have 172; I have 201 because I wasn't using just one size of strip and I didn't realize how many I had cut toward the end.


I'm having some blurring in my LEFT eye, not the one I usually have examined by the retinologist, so we are going to check that out this noon.



Good health care, and Charlie to drive me there and home again
Warmth and shelter, now that the cold has come


Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

your colors will be outstanding. I've gone twice to the yahoogroup and just looked at all the beautiful choices the ladies have chosen for their colors.

I've changed my constant and backgrounds at least three times. I'll be glad when one is called for, it will put me out of my can't decide misery ;)
happy stitching, Sharyn

Louise SS said...

Oh, I love those blues. That is definitely my color blue. Haven't decided my colors for RRCB yet butI think you just influenced me to use blue (again!)
Louise in Sweden

Jeanne said...

Love your colors! Can't wait to see what the quilt will look like.