Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blue Star Mystery quilt finished after 13 years!

Done!  Quilted, bound and labelled.  And hanging on the kitchen wall behind the eating counter.  It is 68" X 84".

My UFO album shows me standing in front of this top in 1997, no borders at that time.  The Ruched Rose Terrorists Bee made this as a mystery trial for Judy Hopkins.

Here's a close-up of one block to show the quilting that Mary Davis did on the center blocks.

And here is a fuzzy photo of one of my "unresolved" cable quilting corners.  The vertical border has a cable that just runs off the end.

Glad, glad, glad to have it done!  In Finn's challenge, this is #4 out of the five I said I would finish before New Year's.  And I am "on target" for my own "Two a Month" challenge at the beginning of 2010.



Charlie called to say he is only an hour from home
Got this quilt in the washer before going to church
Second temporary camera is still functioning


Scrappy quilter said...

Congrats on finishing another quilt for the challenge. It's beautiful.

Magpie Sue said...

Now THAT'S a headline! Congratulations!
(And, oh my, what a big wall you have my dear!)

kim said...

That is beautiful! Oh my - breath taking. Congrats on your determination Sara! Happy to hear your Charlie is almost home too. Blessings to you both!

Finn said...

A truly monumental finish Sara!! You are very brave to post those dates! I suspect many of us have stuff equally old or older, LOL. Great job in getting it done, hung and OFF the list! And in meeting you own monthly challenge. I'm still so sorry I pooped out on you gir, you're a winner for sure! Hugs, Finn