Thursday, November 18, 2010

Strip Star bordered

There it is on the living room loveseat.  I decided to simply copy the inner borders on the outside.  Makes it a 66" square.

When I had already started to add the borders, I got a message from Finn suggesting that I try the outer triangles the other way, with the dark side next to the inner borders.  Hmm, I think she was right.  Too late now tho', I'm ready to call this one finished.

I'm not in love with it, but I think the borders improved matters quite a bit. Another UFO ready to go to Margaret's Hope Chest.


Next a pile of red and cream Puss-in-the-Corner blocks I made a few years ago.  I suddenly found a possible alternate block that will make them a lot more interesting. . .and it is SIMPLE. . . and it will use up more stash.

Now I'm off to my monthly Bee meeting, The SpoolSpinners.  We will be finalizing our plans for next month's party, and also what special project we want to work on together during next year.  Catherine says she has two quilts to hand back to me after quilting them.  So more photos tomorrow.



Suggestions from Internet friends, even if I don't use them
New trousers arrived in the mail
Good bass sectional rehearsal last night


Finn said...

It looks terrific Sara, and finished is sooo much better than perfect!!
You are just racing through these tops! Way to go!! Hugs, Finn

Scrappy quilter said...

I think it looks terrific too.

Kathie said...

looks great Sara! pat yourself on the bag another finish!