Saturday, November 27, 2010

Growing Strip Quilt

Back to the Strip Quilt of Orphan blocks.  I had two strips of left-overs from a charity quilt at the beginning of the year, rather poor quality batiks in pink and green.  By piecing them together I got the right length, twice.

I added one to each section of strips I had started.
I think these various rows will look better with a spacer in between too, so I added a red strip on the right where my next idea was going..

I had found a basket of waste HSTs from a project of two years ago, so sewed them together into three rows that were a little over 48" long.

The fabric was not really the best for HSTs this small [finish 1.25"], but they were already made!  And just another example of scraps I can't seem to throw away.  "Some day" I will use them for something.  Today was "some day".

So here is the next step in the Strip Quilt of Orphans.
Next a couple of rows of Confetti blocks.  I'll check to see if I have 16 of those, or if I have to finish off a few more.

I chose 48" for the width of this top because I think that will cover the width of the top of a twin bed.  When I have made the top about 60" long, I will add borders to bring it up to 60" x 72".



Saved cup of Wendy's chili heated for lunch
Winterberry bush showing red in a gray day
Warmth, light, food, good health


Scrappy quilter said...

I've been playing with HST's too. I can't throw them out either. Can't wait to see your finished quilt.

Magpie Sue said...

I think making these quilts from leftovers are almost more fun to do than the quilts that generate the leftovers! I love your self challenge of a strip a day too. (Not sure I would be able to keep to only one strip- I'd want to keep going until I had to quit!)

Finn said...

It's looking awesome Sara! You are doing a great job. What a lot of sewing to use up those HST in such a small size, but why not?
Sometimes when a person doesn't HAVE to work with those small parts, it's more fun cause it doesn't really matter...LOL, I like that part of it alot! It will be both bright and a lot of fun quilt. Hugs, Finn