Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fabric Sample Squares

Several long years ago, I belonged to the Cotton Club, which sent out monthly samples.  A few years ago I thought to make a Sample Squares Quilt with a pile of them.  I cut some squares in half to make sashings.  I cut some squares in quarters to make cornerstones. I made quite a few rows on eight.  Then I sewed some rows together, and another day I sewed some more rows together.  Something was wrong when I was going to sew the two pieces together.  The sashing wasn't on the "same" side.  Who knew there was a "wrong" side?  I looked at it and looked at it.  And I almost cried.  I put the whole thing away.

Today I am older and wiser.  I manipulated the two big segments around until I saw that I only needed to make two more strips of the sashing, sew them on the "right" sides, and all would be well. . . .and FINISHED.  So today I did that.

Bingo another top for Margaret's Hope Chest.

I gave myself a break and had "15 Minutes of PLay" as advocated the Victoria of Bumblebeans.  I thought it was time to experience something monochromatic, so I pulled all the GREEN I could find in my String Bin.  Then I "thoughtlessly" sewed.

The really clever thing I did next was. . . [wait for it]. . . I put all the green fabric and new blocks away in a paper grocery bag, out of sight.  So I'm not distracted until I need the time for a break again.

Now I have a star UFO made of string-made HSTs, and a pile more of the HSTs.  So far I have put three plain inner borders around the star, and I am thinking about using the HSTs outside them.

They are all lying on my Design Bed.  I will have to decide SOMETHING before I go to sleep, even if I do go and read a little escapist fiction this evening.


Lynne was well enough to make it to GRWC rehearsal last night
A morning to sleep in [until 9:30!]
Asiago Cheese bread at Panera


beth said...

oooh! I love all the quilts you've been working on. What a bunch of lovely scraps!!!

Louise SS said...

You sure get a lot done! And the quilts you make are happy! Please, send me some of your energy!!!:)

Scrappy quilter said...

I really like the quilts. The bottom one though is my favorite. Love how you've used HST's.

Finn said...

Love both the quilt and the solution with the Samples Sampler...LOL. At first I thought OM Gosh!...then I realized they were bigger than the 2.5" ones that fabric warehouses send out to shops(I have a ton of those!) It turned into a really neat quilt. Lots of sewing, but very effective.
And your string star is very pretty, and a nice use for those. About the border of HST, just for the heck of it, try turning them so the dark side is against the border instead of the light, and see how that looks. Hugs, Finn

Stray Stitches said...

I love the scrappy quilt! The string star quilt is amazing. You do beautiful work!!

cityquilter said...

sara, such lovely scraps! and what fun! thanks for showing...and i agree about the panera goodies

Magpie Sue said...

Isn't it amazing what a difference a few (or more!) years of experience can make? I've pulled out UFO's from the past that I expected to be hard to finish and they ended up not being that big a problem. I'm constantly amazed.