Monday, November 29, 2010

"Extra Extra Fancy"

Still adding more to the Strip Quilt of Orphans.  I added the confetti blocks on the top of THIS half of the Strip Quilt.  And I want you to notice the words "extra extra fancy" on a part of a rice bag fabric.  I think it may be a good title for this quilt.

 And here is the other half with its row of confetti blocks.  To the right is my next row.  With four blocks like this I almost had the right width for the quilt, so I just added a little spacer bar between each to make it up to 48".  Not sure yet where this on is going to fit, probably in the center, so it will be sure to show, not be tucked under the mattress.

I found some time for knitting over the weekend while riding in the car, and while conversations were in progress.  I "turned the heel" in both socks and am now working on the heel gusset decreases.  Hope to get them finished for a gift.



Still turkey for lunch!
Making progress on the Two-socks-at-once project
A few more Japanese words made it into my head [for Women's Chorus]


Scrappy quilter said...

That's going to be one neat quilt. Love the wool for your socks.

Finn said...

You are doing awesome Sara, maybe we can start a trend??? Pretty soon maybe everyone will want to play with orphan blocks and odd bits...wouldn't that be great? Great job on the socks too..oh my! Hugs, Finn

Julie Fukuda said...

Yes, I liked that rice bag too. I never thought of using those as fabric...hmmm. I do use tenugui, Japanese towels, but mostly on the backs of quilts.