Thursday, November 4, 2010

Floating Log Cabins

Today I finished putting these Crazy Log Cabin blocks together with unequal sashings.  These nine blocks made a square quilt top, which doesn't seem the best for covering even a child's body.  So after not too much thought I made a large checkerboard border for two sides, which should make it more of a rectangle.

I have lost any enthusiasm I had for this when I started it long ago.  Therefore I am going to fold it up and hand it on to Margaret's Hope Chest for them to quilt and give to some kid who needs it.  I'm calling it a "finished" UFOI for me, because I'm getting it out of the house!

Now to get ANOTHER UFO out of the closet and onto the machine so I can think about it tomorrow.  I haver joined Finn's challenge to finish UFOs before the New Year.  I'm claiming I will finish FIVE, which is one over two a month.



Got down on the floor and up again at exercise class with no help
Keeping my focus on UFOs
Out for a Chinese dinner

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Sandy said...

I really like your quilt, great design and colors. I know it's going to make the little one who gets really happy and really warm. Great job. Looking forward to seeing your next UFO.