Sunday, November 28, 2010

Puss in the Corner blocks

Stack of 80 Puss in the Corner blocks in my UFO cupboard.  All I need in an alternate block to separate these and make them more interesting.

The solution:

was on the cover of "Nickel Quilts".  She has constructed her block differently, with four patches added in the corners, but I can simply use another of the Puss in the Corner blocks there!  Hoo-ha, this is going to be simple.

Using two shades of blue rectangles will make a "frame" for half the blocks in dark and half in light.  They are laid out on the design bed.  There's a minor problem with the edges finishing the design, but I'll worry about that later.  Now to sew them together.



Start of Advent
Leftover turkey for lunch sandwich
Saw the end of "The Wizard of Oz" last night on TV, 
     had forgotten that Toto is a hero


Anonymous said...

Great job on using those blocks in such a clever way.


Scrappy quilter said...

I love how you've used those blocks. Great job!!

Melinda said...

We ended up watching all of Wizard of Oz last night. I hadn't watched all of it in years. I like what you are doing with your blocks!

Julie Fukuda said...

Ahah! How very cleaver. I shall have to keep an eye on this blog. So far it looks great.

Stray Stitches said...

I really like what you are creating!

Finn said...

Really great problem solving there Sara! I like the outcome, simple and easy to execute...way to go! Hugs, Finn