Friday, November 26, 2010

Roll, Roll Cotton Boll, Step 2

Big stack of triangles cut in pairs this morning.  After lunch they were all sewn together into squares.  Quilters call them Half Square Triangles, or HSTs.

120 are made, and now need to be "squared up", or trimmed to the exact size, 3.5 inches.  I tried to pick out dark enough browns to contrast with the medium blues I had chosen for Step 1.  I found that I had fewer browns that I had thought-- or a lot of them were too light.  The ones that look RED are really more of a RUST brown.  Now I'll store these away until Bonnie Hunter gives us Step 3 of the Mystery next Friday.

I am challenging myself to add a row a day to a "strip" quilt I am making of left-over trimmings and blocks.

I started with the remaining strip-pieced HSTs and so far have added a row on each side of the two 48" long pieces.  Now I am looking through groups of orphan blocks.  I hope to find enough that are the same height to make a couple more 48" strips.

Just between the kitchen sink faucet and the window we have these "Christmas" cactuses.  My experience is that they decide the time to flower is Thanksgiving, rather than Christmas.  So I am enjoying them right now, and a hope for a week or two.



Lynne packed LOTS of leftovers from the feast for us to bring home.
Buttered toast and turkey for breakfast
No need to go out shopping with the crowds today!


Finn said...

Really beautiful cactus Sara, and such a joy to have bloom at this time of year. My MIL had a good hand with them, as well, and hers always seem to bloom now instead of Christmas. They must be on a different time scedule than us...LOL
Your odd bits and orphans is looking good. It's such a fun way to piece, when all that matters is if it "fits" size wise *VBS* Happy sewing. Hugs, Finn

Julie Fukuda said...

Nice pile of half squares. There must be a plan.
My cactus has tiny buds and might be waiting 'till new years.

cityquilter said...

ohh, sara, so beautiful! i have photos like that someplace, i used to have christmas cacti that bloomed profusely as well, thanks for showing